Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stuff and Save and then reStuff and Save

So this is my inspirational post to do some fall cleaning. In the past day I've cleaned out three Old Navy's during their Stuff and Save sale and my closet.

This is a picture of my restuffed Old Navy bag with my old clothes on it's way out the door to the Big Brothers Big Sisters clothing donations drop off bins (click here for a list of where they are at) down the road from me. So I stuffed and saved money and then restuffed and saved kids from humiliation. And my closet can now breath a HUGE sigh of relief that as it was getting a little cramped. It actually feels good to have only the clothes I wear in my closet...much more efficient.

Clearly this post was not meant to simply tell you that I donated was to encourage my dear friends to do the same. I was really inspired to donate this week when one of my kids told me he was rewashing the one pair of socks he had every day. Yep, here in KC lady's and gentlemen. Get that crap out of your closet so other people can enjoy it while it's still somewhat in style.


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