Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Geektacular: Android Apps

(I heart Android)

This post is in celebration of my new Geektastic page, where I'm now putting my super geeky posts and links so you'll have no need to hunt for that super awesome link I once told you about that could magically make your computer turn into a flying saucer.  My boss recently upgraded her well loved phone to a very awesome Droid (an Android phone)...which got me thinking about what I would recommend as my "must have" apps.  (Maybe I should mention that I have a Samsung Moment, another Android phone).  So for your viewing pleasure here are the apps I think rock (in no particular order)...

(It turns out that after spending the time deciding which apps I thought were most awesome, I'm now so tired I have to take the easy way out and just cut and paste my list instead of making it look all pretty.  So I apologize for the not pretty formatting).

  • Yelp

  • Robotic Guitarist Free

  • CraigsNotifica craigslist

  • ASTRO File Manager

  • Alarmed Lite Alarm Clock

  • Screebl Lite - Save Power!

  • TimeCatcher

  • Handcent SMS

  • Lookout Mobile Security FREE

  • Opera Mini 5 browser

  • Tap Dialer

  • PicSay Pro - Photo Editor

  • Key Ring Reward Cards

  • BetterCut

  • Bar Control

  • Button Shortcut

  • aContacts

  • Rings Extended

  • Mobile Defense (BETA)

  • ShopSavvy

  • Shazam

  • View this app list on AppBrain

    Saturday, May 8, 2010



    Look at that window sparkle!  I was surprisingly in the mood to do some spring cleaning today, which was really spurred by the massive quanity of cat hair I was finding around the house and spending a little bit too much time on Apartment Therapy.  So cleaned the cat (first priority) and the clumps of his winter coat.  Then I went fancy and decided to clean the windows and the blinds.  Well, most of them...I still have two sets of particularly gross blinds in the bathtub.  Let's just hope these don't end up like the dishes I had in the tub for a month and showered around... (one of my best ideas for my kitchen with no dishwasher).

    On the subject of easter eggs, apparently there is a secret Ninja Blue theme in Google Reader.  The guy who enlightened me, Ilidio Martins, says this is how to crack the code and get the Ninja's:

    "When you enter Google Reader you can activate the Ninja Blue Theme. 
    To activate Ninja Theme just press the followings keys:
    up | up | down | down | left | right | left | right | b | a
    To undo this repeat sequence :) "

    Confirmed.  It works.  And is ninjatastic.

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    Easter Egg

    No, not that type of Easter egg.  This type of easter egg.  If you'll reading in Google Reader, you'll have to hop over to my actually site to appreciate this post.  First, to understand the "easter egg" part of this blog trick I did, you may want to know (if you haven't discovered this on your own) that my blog contains no identifying information.  This extremely intentional.  The people I work with are frequently seeking to find out as much personal information as they can about me and if they were find out any such information (aka this blog - and know it was me) it would be very damaging to the work I do.  I've had some awkward and scary situations that I hope to never repeat, thus why I'm super stealth.  (Of course, I could never give in and just not have a blog, that's why I go all CIA on it).

    On with the show, after getting tired of looking at the blogger icon (the orange "B") in all my tabs, I decided to figure out how to replace it.  And to my amazement it worked!!  Check out my new icon!

    I'll admit that it was a little tricky, but I found that using Google Sites and then right clicking on the image I uploaded and "copy image URL," solved most of my problems.

    Also, I recently did a test to see which browser gave me faster internet.  Google Chrome won.  In light of this win, I decided to change my "theme" to a wood one so it would look like a wooden desk.

    By the way, after my recent discovery of the speediest browser, I now officially endorse Chrome.  Check out my videos page for an awesome Google Chrome video that I am currently hand selecting from the millions on YouTube that adequately explains my love for it.  :)

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    I'm alright. My car is not.

    Love my neighbors.  This is the note I received this morning from one of them after he saw my car parked outside last night.  He also had talked with another neighbor and was having him listen to see if he heard movement in my apartment, because they were concerned that maybe they had just brought my car back to the apartment but had taken me to the hospital.  To answer his question, yes, I'm just fine...just a sore neck and back at this point.

    My car on the other hand has seen better days...

    Thankfully, it was not my fault and I have a great insurance company.  More to come...maybe, but alas I think my rental car may finally be here!

    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    The 26th Year

    Ah, another year, another number.  When I got up this morning I decided this years birthday theme would be hoedown, which may have been influenced by the WAY cute wild west cowboy party my friend had for her son's first birthday.  It also happened to work out well since I had requested barbeque for my birthday dinner :).  So naturally, I wore my cowgirl shirt to work to celebrate and then partied hoedown style with my family.  I love my family...they're great at rolling with the punches! (because by the way, I informed them of the theme of my birthday dinner an hour before it...whoops).  Oh, and sadly I forgot to take pictures...I was having too much fun or sick from too much cookie cake and bbq.

    On a totally different topic, I love these colors!  I think this is my new favorite color pallet.
    Here's the back story on how I found this arrangement (because I know everyone was wondering): On the way home from my parents, I bought myself flowers as a birthday gift and to have something pretty to look at all night as I typed my last paper for classes this semester (wahoo!).  So I get home, put the roses in a vase, make them look pretty, and set them next to my computer.  Next thing I know I have a cat zooming across the table and devouring the beautiful arrangement.  Luckily, he responds really well to "NO" and not much damage was done.  One thing led to another and as I researching whether roses were poisonous for cats, I found a website (ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center) that created a pet-friendly collection of flower arrangements through one of those big flower companies, with a bonus of 20% of the proceeds going to their organization.  Who knew someone would ever think to create a pet-friendly collection so you could rest easy knowing the flowers you sent won't kill your friends beloved pets?  Crazy world out there.

    And now, back to the paper.  :)