Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love at First Sight

Isn't this not the most beautiful bag ever??  I was looking for a laptop bag when I came across it.  It turns out that the straps are adjustable, so it could be a purse or a messenger type bag (and all the while fitting my laptop too!).  I can't find any reason not to get it...

And now for the laptop sleeve (many more options...tough decision):

A gorgeous Etsy find.

I doubt my laptop would ever get seriously injured in this bad boy.
I know this guy isn't as pretty as the others, but he's really well known for his durability.
Wait, that's not a laptop sleeve, how did that get in here?  Oh because it is the real reason I wanted to write this post, but sadly I can't afford this guy.  Nonetheless, look how beautiful it is?  And look how good I would look with it on...

And by the way, someone should buy this and wear it to a game.  Please?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My 100th Blog Post

This picture seems like the perfect 100th post for my blog.  We enjoyed some amazing fondue at The Melting Pot...the chocolate took me to a little place only reserved for the most incrediable of experiences and being in the presence of good friends, with great conversation, was the perfect ending to a day.