Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watching someone get arrested...oh i love view of the city...don't worry its from afar

Sunday, June 21, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

So I just bought a pint of Talenti sobetto Roman Raspberry (top picture) from Whole Foods about an hour ago...I am floored. It is the best I've had since Italy...which is tough competition because when I was there I had it three times a day every day I was there...yeah, obsessed? Maybe. So it is topping my list today of wonderful things. Price wise it's not bad, but it's not an everyday thing, it was $4.99 at whole foods for the pint.

My favorite brand. 365 Everyday Value at Whole Foods. This is Whole Food's version of a store brand...but there's nothing watery about it...the food is amazing and very affordable sometimes more affordable then the regular grocery store (actually often cheaper). In particular I love their Peach Mango Salsa...SO GOOD.

This was another recent find...I found it as I was shopping at Target and desperate for caffeine. Target didn't have the biggest selection of teas (it was only a Greatland store), so my options for black tea were limited to unreasonably cheap (which meant horrible) and this $3 chi...I opted for the $3 chi. I was SO amazed when I got home and brewed my first cup. I should probably explain that I am new to this whole tea drinking thing, so this was the first time I ever had tasted (and enjoyed) all the flavors in the was delightful.

This is a staple in my pantry. Skippy give me the best of all worlds...affordable ($2.20), natural (peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt), and for the most part no stirring...ahh wonderful. I've begun adding a bit of ground flax seed to my I can sneak in some greatness of flax seed (omega-3's).

Alas for now that will have to do...I must go to bed...we'll explore my other favorite non-food items another time.

Praise Jesus for the laptop work gave me and hulu. So i can watch episodes of the Office while sitting on the bathroom floor...wahoo!
Singing "Jesus Loves Me" to keep my mind distracted. The unsuccessful remedies I've tried: tums, pooping it all out, and drinking baking soda. Yeah gross, I know...I hate indigestion/whatever is making my stomach feel so horrible.
Stomach, I promise I'll give you all of your favorites for the rest of our life if make this blinding pain go away. Apparently avocados and my stomach don't mix.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love how i feel after a good run. Now i'm walking around a beautiful park by my apt...lots of trees and stone walls...mmm good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mmmmm...just ate a bbq sundae...yeah you heard right. Beans, coleslaw, and pulled pork all layered and served up in a manson jar :) good eatin'
And i just had a roach crawl on my leg while i was in bed reading...i think i may be emotionally wounded. Sadly for him i had bug killing spray all to handy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How did i go 25 years without realizing i had a milk and just about everything from an animal that has to do w/ the reproduction process sensitivity? For real.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Old habits sure do die hard...or never die at all. A bit sleep deprived...and want a shower so bad. So thankful to be on my way home to cuddle with my bed! Mmm

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today in class...

Today in my Psychopathology class our professor showed us this video to help give us insight into Anxiety Disorders. It was such a good video/song (above) I wanted to share it. Have at it.

Our professor also showed us this video/song (below) that describes anxiety to help us gain additional insight and to see different cultural perspectives on anxiety. Our professor made a great point by having us contemplate what disorder we would think this guy had based on the lyrics if we ignored the lyric anxiety. Psychotic Disorder, Depression, and the such were brought up. He did this to help us see how horrible it is/feels to live with an Anxiety Disorder, because this is often a disorder that is difficult for clinicians to really wrap our minds around. I like it. (This artist is native to Kansas City, pretty cool huh?).

Know that it does have some explict language.

Friday, June 12, 2009

(2/2) forever to eat. Being healthy sure does take a lot of chewing. Alright, back to researching adolescents and family systems theory.
(1/2) Testing testing...1 2 3. Apparently you can post trough text message....we'll see if this works. In other news, the salad I'm currently eating is taking

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Aldi's love and the beginning of school.

Love Aldi's...I did a brief trip to get the last few things on my grocery list today...and BAM there it was! Another thing they BLEW my mind on how cheap they could sell it for. The item? Blueberries - $1.49. WHAT??? I know! I mean I get they are in season and all right now, but the cheapest I've seen them is at Whole Foods for $2.50. What else did I get you ask? A bag of apples, a few pears, a pack of mini sweet peppers, and last but least vinegar so I could keep killing my drain flies with my vinegar/baking soda explosion.

Speaking of killing drain flies, I've been cleaning like crazy...well, not so much crazy but rather just cleaning in general, because I start classes tomorrow and I'm guessing I'm not going to have a lot of spare time.

Here's my schedule for my summer classes...(so you can know why I'm not calling/texting/emailing/or facebooking you back)

The schedule ish:
Mon/Tues - Practice class 9a-4p
Wed/Thur - work
Fri/Sat - DSM class 9a-4p
Sun - day of rest :)
Mon - Practice class 9a-4p
Tues/Wed/Thur - work
Fri/Sat - DSM class 9a-4p
Sun - day of rest!
Mon - Practice class
Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri - work (4 - 10 hr days)
Sat - probably spending most of it writing a paper
Sun - much needed day of rest
Mon/Tues - Practice class 9a-4p
work work work, write write write...until some time in early/mid July that I have my last set of Fri/Sat full day DSM classes.

That's it ladies and you know...also, this wasn't to show you how busy I will be, but rather because everyone keeps asking when my classes are and well, as you can see it's hard to explain.

In other news, I just went to Lowes and I had the most wonderful lady help me in the garden department! You could really see how much she loves her was so infectious. Made my evening so much better!

Alright, well I need to finish cleaning the apartment so it won't be too bad when I neglect it for a month :) Then to bed...