Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love at First Sight

Isn't this not the most beautiful bag ever??  I was looking for a laptop bag when I came across it.  It turns out that the straps are adjustable, so it could be a purse or a messenger type bag (and all the while fitting my laptop too!).  I can't find any reason not to get it...

And now for the laptop sleeve (many more options...tough decision):

A gorgeous Etsy find.

I doubt my laptop would ever get seriously injured in this bad boy.
I know this guy isn't as pretty as the others, but he's really well known for his durability.
Wait, that's not a laptop sleeve, how did that get in here?  Oh because it is the real reason I wanted to write this post, but sadly I can't afford this guy.  Nonetheless, look how beautiful it is?  And look how good I would look with it on...

And by the way, someone should buy this and wear it to a game.  Please?

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  1. Um I love the first one...a lot. I kind of want it. A lot.