Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snickers Dark

I'm not a food blogger, but at the store recently, I've noticed a considerable number of dark chocolate options for candy.  As a dark chocolate novice, I find this delightful.  So I decided today to write about my experience trying the Snickers Dark.

Bite 1: It taste like a Snickers.
Bite 2: Still taste like a Snickers, but I get a subtle hint of darkness.
Bite 3: Ditto
Bite 4: It taste better than the original Snickers.
Bite 5: (BIG BITE) Am I still blogging?
Bite 6: Why am I still blogging?
Bite 7: Good to the last nugget.
After taste: Has the lingering dark effect, but is subtle and goooood.


  1. Thanks! I'm also super impressed that you commented 2 minutes after I posted! Best reader. Ever.