Friday, January 7, 2011

Verizon iPhone

Rachel asked a good question:

Here's my point of view:
It's a good thing.

It means those who want an iPhone don't have to sacrifice service by going to AT&T.

It also means that Apple can put out an iPhone that can run on a 4G network, because let's face it, I bet Apple was really hoping that the iPhone 4 could have been named the iPhone 4G, but no AT&T couldn't hold up there end of the deal (during the original talk about an iPhone existing, Apple and AT&T had a little chat about how AT&T would build there network to keep up with Apple's innovation). 

It means that Apple will take a bit out of the growing Android market share, which let's be honest had a lot to do with the lack of a decent phone on various networks.

It means Apple's going to roll out one badass phone, expect your world to implode.

It means that all of us who have come to appreciate our Android phones will have some serious thinking to do.  It's easy to embrace Android when the option of iPhone isn't available.  Will Android be as awesome as we once thought it was?  Probably not.  (I have other reasons for this, but that's another blog post).

Hopefully, with network alternatives it might mean that there will be a price point competition for plans.  But don't hold your breath.  Apple has a short lesh on the price of their products and I doubt plans will drop much, if at all.

It really means we're about to see a million more iPhones and Apple will officially begin making a huge dent in Microsofts world.  With Verizon iPhones will reach the hands of millions - of Window's users who are going to get curious about this awesome Mac world and when their PC burns up (as they all eventually do), they will begin looking at our dear friend Mr. Mac.

Maybe as I'm lying in bed sick tomorrow, I'll come up with a few more things, but for now, these are my initial thoughts to help bring clarity to this very confusing world.


  1. But when I think about it, what do I need my phone to do that it doesn't do already with the droid? do I need a new phone that is a toy too? I love my droid, out of convenience because I'm loyal T-Mobile...but when I think about it, is there really anything that makes the iphone that much better other than the status of it?

  2. None of us probably need an iPhone and those who have a Android phone that could rival the iphone, e.g. the droid or the EVO, really don't need one. However, someone who has a less adapt phone who is looking to upgrade might take a serious look at the iphone for the balance it has of simplicity and power. For the average joe user, the iphone will be easier, for those of us who like to tweek and modify every tiny thing, an android based phone will be a better bet. I think I'll write a blog post on this...seeing as how my comment is getting a little long...

  3. Oh I like you point about new to the market. Droid takes a little bit of skill to manage - I was looking at my friend Dereck's and he's not got it set up as beautifully as my droid. You make a good point about newbies.

  4. Thanks. And I totally feel the beauty factor of setting up your phone! It's an art.