Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cheap Living...

Here's are some of the cheap things I take advantage of to make my life a little bit more awesome for not much money...


I have a great set of "bunny ears" (and I also live close to a lot of the stations), however let's be honest unless it's prime time, there's not a lot of good shows on. So my solution - I hook a S Video cable from my computer to my tv, along with a simple maybe $5 or $10, "Y Audio Cable".
<----"Y Audio Cable"

This audio cable plugs into the headphone jack and then to your tv...easy as pie.
So why do this? As most of us know, almost every network - including cable stations- show full length episodes online. So I bring up the website, hit full screen icon, then hit the presentation button on my computer and like something only God created...the tv show appears in all it's glory on my tv. If your tv does not have a S Video input or your computer does not have an S Video output you'll need to take a few extra steps (I did), but they're simple, don't be discouraged...go to radio pick there brains and tell them you want to do it for cheap even if it means a few more steps. They're smart.
My favorite websites for finding tv shows and movies outside of the network and
The library (in kansas city at least) has free checkout for all tv shows and they have a TON of shows on DVD (i.e. Friends, Alias, The Office).
-The library...I know crazy concept.
-Also, I pick up all the free magazines I can get my hands on. Some of the best in KC are Urban Times (monthly), The Pitch (weekly), and Ink (weekly). You can find most of these on street corners in the downtown and westport area.
-Magazine subscriptions are also a great idea...figure out what your favorite magazines are and most likely getting a subscription is WAY cheaper then buying them at the grocery store. A handy trick with getting the best price...look for the little cards in the magazines - those seem to have better deals then looking online.
-Also, the library is great for magazines as well...I like to go to the Plaza library get a magazine sit by the huge windows that look out over the plaza...AWESOME.
-A really simple idea...swap magazines with friends. We stock pile our old magazines as if we're going to reference them again later, but do we ever?? I only have one friend that does, and she's a for normal human beings...we should give our old magazines to friends.
-When I want to buy current magazines I go to Half Price Books, they sell used magazines for either half of the cover price or $1 if there is no cover price. I very very frequently find current magazines...people who get subscriptions as we know get them the month/week before they hit the news stand, once they're done reading they bring them in...and are there in time for the month or week they're scheduled to hit the stands. The one in westport has a HUGE selection.

I play board it. A couple options I've taken for acquiring board games, graciously take the ones off my parents hands they don't want any more, garage sales, and shop sales. Also, borrow friends games...sharing is a good thing. I like to play at my apartment or coffee shops. On that note, I order tea when I go to shops for a cheap drink or buy a really cheap thing of food like the dollar bagel at one of the shops I go to.
I like to go to parks, play catch, walk around the plaza, hangout at Barnes and Noble, shop at thrift stores, shop on list goes on.
As I remember all the other little things I do, I'll try to remember to put them on here to share!


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