Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nitty Gritty World

Here is some of what's been going on in my brain as it's been awhile...

So I don't watch the news, read the paper, read internet news sources, or magazines...I'm intentionally uninformed. Yes, intentional, I make a point to avoid these at any cost, change the channel, skip articles, close internet browsers. Somewhere in the past few months I decided it wasn't good for me to know all the nitty gritty details of the world, because one, almost all of those details are negative - and more importantly driven fear...as anxious as I am with maintaining my life in general and as obsessive as I am at analyzing things, I don't need anymore. Which brings me to my second reason, contrary to popular belief (for me and only me), it's not good for me to be over-informed. For me, this does more harm then good, I rely on God waaay less, I feed my already too large of a desire to analyze things to death, and I provoke more of this anxiety as "discover" that there is one more thing that I watch out for, get tested for, precaution to take...before I know it...all I'm doing is taking precautions --- and that's NEVER been me. Now, I do agree that I shouldn't be stupid - I drive on ice only when necessary, I don't eat paint chips, I brush and floss my teeth...but really...do I need to do all those other things??? The thing is it appears fairly logically, that yes we should. I should make sure I get that vaccine, not drink from the BPA plastic water bottles, and check my credit score. Now most people the ability to prioritize these things for themselves, however, I do not. I struggle greatly in the area of prioritizing, it comes very very unnaturally to me. So, I take all the information as level 1 priority. I think it stresses me out more then I know. Thus, why I've cut the over-information out. I'm fine absorbing what I need to from my coworkers, friends, and the radio. If I really need to know more, I'll google it.

When did it get so late??? I'm doing well at maintaining a decent bed time this week...so I'm off.


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