Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Goodness

I realized today that it had been awhile since I updated I grabbed my laptop, a bag of chocolate chips, and my water bottle and headed to my porch to give you all a wonderful highlight reel of my are my random tidbits/highlights from my life...

So it turns out the extra $60 a month I decided to splurge on the apartment with the patio was SOOOOOO worth the point that I may not consider it a splurge any longer, rather a pure necessity to my sanity.

Yesterday was wonderful...woke up read in bed, got a text from Becky saying she was heading out on a run to my apartment, hung out with Becky on my porch, and then walked to World Market to admire beautiful things. Once we traveled back, we headed down to City Market and bought some pasta and dropped by Planters Seeds to get me some tomato seeds that are specifically designed for basket growing. We then headed to the grocery store picked up the needed items for our experimental lunch designed by Becky, I got some strawberry milk from Shatto Farms - first milk I've had in a few good. Headed by to my place, Becky made our experimental lunch - Mac and Cheese made with cream cheese...SO good. Becky was crazy and decided to run home on a stomach full of pasta (she says it went okay). My mom came over, she cleaned/waxed/buffed my floors (I know I have the world's greatest mom) while I spray painted some patio furniture. Mom and I headed back to World Market (2nd, but not last time) to get her opinion on a sea grass rug for my porch. Got some ice cream from McD's with mom and then finished up the floors and patio furniture. Hung out by myself for a bit reading The Pitch about the JE Dunn lawsuit, then met Becky, her sister, and friend for dinner down the street at Jazz for some goooood Louisiana food. Had a first craving for Boulevard Wheat in 4 months (I stopped drinking 4 months ago when I realized it was crazy for me to drink for any other purpose other then desiring the taste of the alcohol), so I happily satisfied it with a beer...and to my enjoyment didn't feel anything from it...only the satisfied taste buds. Becky and I headed back to my place again, then to World Market for one last trip for me to buy a platter I had been looking at for the last few weeks for my coffee table/trunk. After Becky left I discovered the pot of water I put on for tea had...well, run out of water...and my pot was smoking/burning. Discovered, to my dismay, that my smoke alarm (that was going off) was the puniest thing I've ever heard. Luckily I had extra smoke alarms from my previous place...forgot to get reimbursed for them, so I took them with me...good thing. Hooked up a new one today so I wouldn't die in my sleep. Sadly though, the combination of smoke and recently waxed floors woke me up at 5:30 this morning, luckily I no longer have my crazy fear of someone breaking into my apartment, so opened all my windows/doors and browsed Pottery Barns website until my place was decent enough for me to sleep in (don't worry I closed all windows/doors before falling asleep).

(just added Jack Johnson to the ambiance of the porch)

So today...I'm finishing my air out of my apartment, manged to make it to the 11am service at church, rode my bike nice. Really like the neighbors in my of the guys heard a "blood curdling scream" from a house on the street so he called the cops (I heard it but thought it was a car screeching to a hault). Nice to know that if someone did attack me in my apartment that I neighbors that don't ignore things. Had a conversation with one about the green gooey spots on the ceiling of my bathroom...she said it probably mold...I might need to take care of that. She also told me a story about how she made eggs explode in her kitchen once...made me feel better about nearly catching our apartment building on fire. Now I'm thinking that I may ride my bike the store to buy lemons to make lemonade, to Prydes (housewares store) to buy a juicer, then to bookstore (maybe look at some magazines), and maybe to tanning place (for a dose of happy UV rays). Then some Jesus time, maybe read The Shack some, make my lemonade, and eventually off to my parents for dinner with the family.

Wow, I'm long winded today...let's keep this going :)

In other news...I've planted my seeds this week in hope of growing little seedlings...cilantro, lavender, basil, and cat grass.

I got few tickets to Royals games, I accidentally bought tickets to a game on Easter though...but much to my surprise my family was all up for the idea of going to the game. So I'm SUPER excited.

I bought the book The Shack this week, excited to read it.

And the rest of the post I will dedicate to the visual people of this world (which I am one of)...these are my new favorite things/my weekend in pictures...

My new spice rack...yes, that is a cookie sheet on my backsplash

My soaps that I love so much from the little store done the street. (left to right) Black coconut, Tee Tree (for shaving), and Lilac :)

My burnt pot :( When it was burning yesterday it was orange...odd.

The new platter I bought for my trunk/coffee table (moss and rocks added later).

Wall decor in my classy Royals themed bathroom.

My little soon to be seedlings.

Where I'm currently typing to you from/my newly painted furniture (used to be brown).

My wonderful glider that I got from a thrift store last summer and repainted...this picture is really to highlight my new compost bin on the left in the kitty litter tub...I figured it was crazy that I was throwing away so much food waste like orange peels, so instead I'm going to save them all and then dump them in SaraBeth's compost pile (she's so nice). Also, I'm super excited about my gardening stuff underneath the glider...I made some watering cans out of a salsa jar and jone's soda bottle and bought a pair of gardening gloves this week that I had been eyeing a target.

Alright, I should probably call it quits, this a bit long...thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :)


  1. I loved reading this post so much! I want to hang out with you on your patio! I want to come up and go to another Royals game with you! I want you to come to my house and help me make it "homey" like you have done with yours. Oh my friend I sure do love you!

  2. I loved reading it! And I love the patio furniture, the spice rack, the burnt pot even! haha not as much as I love you though. Great update. Talk soon! :)