Saturday, July 25, 2009 city

So I feel a bit like a fraud having just bought my copy of city at Barnes and Noble. So you won't make the same mistake, here's where you can buy it directly from the publisher - you have your choice of buying a print copy or an electronic copy...what a crazy wired world we live in now.

Anyway, this book is wonderful! I bought mine about an hour ago and I've been glued to it. It does a wonderful job of highlighting the best of our local flare. It goes beyond our very typical tourist spots like Gates, Union Station...etc. It has 85 local places...including bookstores, clothing stores, toy stores...and of course food...from bbq to bistros to sweets to down home greasy cooking.

My personal favorite currently is Fresher Than Fresh Snowcones:

Pictures speak a 1,000 words and this pretty much sums it up. I had my first snowcone from them today...simply incredible. I may begin reserving a place in my budget for snowcones.


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