Sunday, October 18, 2009

A good night sleep.

I found a good one. I had my appointment Friday we talked for an hour, he proved he was actually smart enough for me to give him my blessing. I'm now actually excited to take medications. Change is finally coming. :)

Let me know if you need the name of an awesome psychiatrist in the Kansas City area.

And since people often have a hard time with the difference between these terms...
psychiatrist - real medical doctor can prescribe meds, typically will just manage medications, but have training in therapy techniques
psychologist - can not prescribe meds have a PhD, can do psychological testing (e.g. IQ), have training in therapy techniques
therapist/counselor - they are both the same term, can not prescribe meds, they do therapy, have at least a Masters degree, typically either in Social Work, Counseling, or Marriage and Family Therapy.

So last night one of the pills he gave me made me sleep oh so well...the best part was it wasn't really a sleeping pill it was more for it was the best of both worlds. So good. I can't wait until I go to sleep again tonight.

In other news, I think my tree that I had outside for the summer and recently brought in may be in a bit of's possible I left it out in the cold a bit too long. (It's dropping A LOT of leaves).


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