Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogger's Block

I had a great post I was working on, then I decided it was too depressing so I scraped it.  Outside of that, I've had what I can only classify as Blogger's Block.  Fresh out of blogging ideas.

If I blogged about more of my personal life this wouldn't be so much of an issue, but after my blog in college where I blogged about my personal life waaaay too much, I've tried to reel it in.  My blog in college was more like my diary.  On one hand it was awesome, because now I can look back at the posts that I have saved and remember all kinds of awesome and not so awesome things.  On the other hand, I started working in social services and my mom read my college blog and told me it was too personal for my professional career.  She has a point if any of my clients found my old site they could have crossed some serious personal boundaries.  So I shut my old site down and started this one.

But where is the line?  I could use the rule of thumb that I only blog about things I would be comfortable talking to my clients about - but then that would lead me to where we currently are, which is a rather impersonal blog.  Hmm.

Maybe I should ask myself this...what's the purpose of my blog?  To share my life with my friends?  To bring tech goodness to my friends?  I think this maybe the real source of my problem...a blog without a purpose.

Good blog therapy session.  Thanks.

Oh.  Let me know your thoughts on this...I'm curious and impressionable about where to go with my blog.


  1. It's tough call. Because my favorite posts of my own are the super personal ones...but I wouldn't want my students to read it. Thankfully I pretend I live in a bubble world where they will never find my blog (or care). I don't talk about them, don't reference them by their actual names. Am I always super honest? No. I'd sound like a whiner. But man am I glad I wrote so much stuff down lately!

    You could go private...I'd still read it. And comment.

  2. Thanks Victoria! Like the advice!

  3. well, sarah, I remember the xanga days. Glad those are gone! Blogs are so much better. I say share your life and your tech goodness. It's a good combination. I'm glad you've at least added your photo. Hopefully your clients won't have the time/desire to look you up (or the internet??).