Monday, March 7, 2011

Running Shoes and Cat Toys

Last week, I got a new pair of running shoes.  It had been a long time coming.  I probably shouldn't even admit how long it had been since I had replaced them.  They were well past their milage expiration.  Anyway, this story isn't about the shoes.

It's about the packaging materials that came with the shoe and my cat, Sawyer.  So here's what went down.  Sawyer was loving how he could play with the box and has an affinity for things that crinkle (see picture above from play time with a magazine page).  So the paper inside turned out to be what he was really after when he was playing with the box.  To have some fun with him, I decided to put the paper in a bag of catnip for a few hours then got it out and let him play with it.  He had days worth of fun.  More fun then should be legal for a cat to have.  He hadn't touched it for a couple days so I assumed he was done playing with it.  I was apparently very wrong.  I balled the paper up and put it in my recycling bin (which is a small waste basket).  No more than 20 seconds after I put it in there did he go and get it out of the recycling bin and bring it back to play with a bit more.  I know, seriously.  He's like a little man.


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