Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A blah post

Trying to do anything to avoid doing my paperwork...
I've discovered that I'm beginning to become lazier and lazier knowing that my butt is going to lit on fire come June (with school) for the next year and a half with no option to stop and take a breath. So I'm taking all my breaths now...as can be seen by my apartment (my kitchen sink) and my paperwork (as it's all been signed around 11pm...last night 11:55pm...must be in by the end of the day).

I officially replaced my earring backs with erasers...the real backs sucked.

I think I'm going to put work on hold again until about 11pm and watch some Chuck...I know I should use it as a motivator...but I just don't feel like it...yeah I know could I be any lazier?


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