Sunday, April 12, 2009

Royals Opening Weekend!

Ah...good weekend :)

Hung out with the Boys in Blue for all three games this weekend. The new K is awesome. Most of the new features you've probably heard about by now, the sports bar, diamond club, the fountain seats, pepsi party porch...but there are a few little known new improvements that I'll enlighten you with!

A produce stand (my favorite upgrade):
So somewhere close to home plate on the lower level concourse (I think on the third base side of the diamond club) there is a produce stand that sells...fruit and nuts. You can make your own small bag (but very adequate...Jenn and I couldn't finish one bag) of nuts ($3). They had baskets of different nuts and such that you could fill your bag with...we choose to layer with yogurt covered raisins, spicy trail mix, smoked almonds, and corn nuts. The spices they used on them were wonderful...over all we gave this option five stars in ball park flare.
Also at the stand were small fruit bowls for $2, apples and oranges for $1, 2lb box of strawberries for $4, and a slightly bigger (then the strawberries) box of red grapes for $5. They also had Izzie sodas (in cans) for $4 as well.

The super cheap fountain seats:
They are only $7! However you can only get them on game day at the stadium.

Royal Nites:
Every Monday night (except 9/21), upper level seats are $5 and parking is $5...SO CHEAP!!

The Royals statue of the hall of fame...a must see. There are no words to describe it.

And as we all love to find out each year...what deals do we get if the Royals win or do certain things during the game? Here they are straight from the Royals website:

"When The Royals Steal a Base, You Steal a Medium Famous Sonic Slush!":
If the Royals steal a base during any home game, fans can take their ticket to any participating Kansas City-area Sonic drive-in and receive a free medium Famous Slush.
How to redeem this offer »
Redemption period: Valid until midnight the following night.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum - $3 off Museum Admission
(go to for more info)

Planet Sub: Six-inch Turkey Sub for $2
Go to any local Planet Sub location and mention the Royals the day after ALL Royals wins (HOME and AWAY) and receive a 6 inch turkey sub for only $2. No ticket stub/redemption is required.
How to redeem this offer »

My comment to those of you know very little about baseball/Royals who fall back on the same generic comment that the Royals suck...shut your mouth and open up a paper...even if your paper is from 2008 you'll see that our Boys in Blue really are a pretty good team. No one who knows anything about baseball/Royals will make such an uneducated unless you want to expose yourself as uneducated/having been hiding under a something about the Royals. You don't need to be an expert to like baseball or watch the Royals. That's part of the fun of the game, but have faith in our boys.

For those of you who would like a few comments to make instead of the generic here are some for you: The Royals minor league teams are doing pretty well, most of them having over a .500 season last year (meaning they won over 1/2 their games), some baseball speculators think that the Royals could take the Central league if all goes right for the Royals...meaning there is a chance :)

Well, I think that's all for now (stepping off my soap box). I have faith that this year is our year for the Boys in more lame insults thrown out by weak sauce Kansas Citians about our team...the Boys in Blue are back. They may not take the world series but I bet they'll surprise us a bit. So let's put on our Royals shirt and go to a few games!

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  1. I most definitely want to come up and go to a game with you! Love you friend