Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today in class...

Today in my Psychopathology class our professor showed us this video to help give us insight into Anxiety Disorders. It was such a good video/song (above) I wanted to share it. Have at it.

Our professor also showed us this video/song (below) that describes anxiety to help us gain additional insight and to see different cultural perspectives on anxiety. Our professor made a great point by having us contemplate what disorder we would think this guy had based on the lyrics if we ignored the lyric anxiety. Psychotic Disorder, Depression, and the such were brought up. He did this to help us see how horrible it is/feels to live with an Anxiety Disorder, because this is often a disorder that is difficult for clinicians to really wrap our minds around. I like it. (This artist is native to Kansas City, pretty cool huh?).

Know that it does have some explict language.


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