Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Intruder and Preparing for Baseball Season

First, for my unrelated baseball update, to explain my 3am blogging.  It turns out that someone actually did break into our apartment building...they took a crow bar to the front door.  Awesome.  What made it even more awesome was some work related events that happened over the last two days and during my last visit today (yesterday).  Needless to say I was already a little shaken up when I got home, then the handyman told me to "make sure you lock your deadbolt."  Something everyone wants to hear.  He went on to explain that the person was only looking for quarters (from the washing machines) and that they were having someone come out to replace the door frames.  I had a hard time believing the first part, because first off, he told me this right off after I gave a slightly frustrated response about wanting to come home to a safe environment after being in dangerous situations all day...especially today.  Secondly, who uses a crow bar to steal quarters?

Nonetheless, the combination of events sent me into my all to well patterned post crisis coping mode.  I had already began part of it at the office because of my last visit, which is to take a few hours to do light fun things, like surf the internet, at home I started again and just watched tv (thank you ABC for comedy Wednesdays!), then somewhere after a few hours of light stuff, it starts to hit me how dangerous a situation was, though I still don't fully grasp it at this point (e.g. it's pointless for my boss to attempt to make me process the situation yet).  From this I start wanting to find some resolve for my anxious feelings of potentially getting hurt, so then I go to the internet and begin doing research.  I read as much as I can about how I can protect myself in future tonight it was What To Do During A Break-In.  Thankfully, one article was enough to satisfy me (still not likely I'll get to sleep for a bit though).  Which, for those who are interested, I do recommend reading the article (the above link) it was some good info.

Naturally, one thing lead to another, which lead me to this:

Which of course led to this AWESOME discovery:

And that my friends is how we get from intruders to baseball...and then to bed.

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  1. Sarah Kaiser I love this post! You educated me today...on how to spot a hidden gun. Always good to know! Thank you, lol!