Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mr. Mac-y Pants

Sometime in August I realized I wasn't going to make it through this school year relying on my (frequently broken) work laptop and 8 year old desktop to get me through long paper writing sessions.  So one weekend I up and decided to buck up and buy a laptop.  I should note for those who don't know me all that well, that this type of rash behavior is highly abnormal for me in the purchase of items.  I like to research and think a lot (and a LONG time) before making a purchase (I give credit to my father for this skill).  Recently, unknowingly adopted a much healthier habit that appears to becoming a trend.  Research with Consumer Reports (or find other source that I trust for a recommendation), make decision, sleep on it, purchase.  I must say this is much less stressful and way more enjoyable.

Anyway, back to my main point.  Sometime in the last month I purchased a beautiful 13" MacBook Pro.  I would like to credit my friend Caroline for her seal-the-deal recommendation of MacBooks.  Once she told she loved her Mac I was half way out the door.  Then if I didn't have enough confirmation.  I found out later that the uber-hip Rachel and Victoria recently got MacBook Pros as well.  Validation station.  Add MacBook Pro to the list of cool kid things.  If you're not keeping track, we've got: Android phone (check), MacBook Pro (check), do your own laundry (...umm...).

On with the post...
I'm thoroughly impressed with the Apple Store shopping experience.  It was delightful.  Yes, delightful.  I arrived at the store excited to buy my computer and was all types of happy when I left.  Read: I did not leave feeling cheated, unappreciated, or taken advantage of - you know, the feeling you often have after interacting with a "good" salesperson (aka someone who can rob you blind and take a happy day and turn it sad).  Apple Store = good feelings.  I could probably ramble on forever about the number of things I was impressed with, like not having checkout lanes, but I'll spare you for now.  Though I'm not sure I can hold back forever.  Expect some extra geeky posts coming up.

For all the Macsters out there in the world, I'll leave you with this:


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