Over the years I've come to embrace my very geeky side and accept that I can indeed love reading Real Simple and Popular Mechanics (or these days Wired).  So I thought it might be time to go ahead a create a space on my blog for all things geeky, to give them the true honor they deserve. :)

MacWorld - Mac Gems - Love the Mac Gems.  So much awesome content.

MacUpdate - Great (the best) website for software, but the user interface is not all the can be a bit overwhelming.

LifeHacker - I think the name explains it all.  Just a great website about various things.

Secret Ninja Theme in Google Reader (original post) - and my post on the subject

Change your favicon (my post) - customize your site and get a few thoughts on the Chrome web browser

DIY Make Your Computer Speedier - 14 steps to a faster computer from our trusty friends at Norton

DIY Green PC - Decrease all the electricity our computers eat up like it's candy.


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