Saturday, May 8, 2010



Look at that window sparkle!  I was surprisingly in the mood to do some spring cleaning today, which was really spurred by the massive quanity of cat hair I was finding around the house and spending a little bit too much time on Apartment Therapy.  So cleaned the cat (first priority) and the clumps of his winter coat.  Then I went fancy and decided to clean the windows and the blinds.  Well, most of them...I still have two sets of particularly gross blinds in the bathtub.  Let's just hope these don't end up like the dishes I had in the tub for a month and showered around... (one of my best ideas for my kitchen with no dishwasher).

On the subject of easter eggs, apparently there is a secret Ninja Blue theme in Google Reader.  The guy who enlightened me, Ilidio Martins, says this is how to crack the code and get the Ninja's:

"When you enter Google Reader you can activate the Ninja Blue Theme. 
To activate Ninja Theme just press the followings keys:
up | up | down | down | left | right | left | right | b | a
To undo this repeat sequence :) "

Confirmed.  It works.  And is ninjatastic.


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