Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easter Egg

No, not that type of Easter egg.  This type of easter egg.  If you'll reading in Google Reader, you'll have to hop over to my actually site to appreciate this post.  First, to understand the "easter egg" part of this blog trick I did, you may want to know (if you haven't discovered this on your own) that my blog contains no identifying information.  This extremely intentional.  The people I work with are frequently seeking to find out as much personal information as they can about me and if they were find out any such information (aka this blog - and know it was me) it would be very damaging to the work I do.  I've had some awkward and scary situations that I hope to never repeat, thus why I'm super stealth.  (Of course, I could never give in and just not have a blog, that's why I go all CIA on it).

On with the show, after getting tired of looking at the blogger icon (the orange "B") in all my tabs, I decided to figure out how to replace it.  And to my amazement it worked!!  Check out my new icon!

I'll admit that it was a little tricky, but I found that using Google Sites and then right clicking on the image I uploaded and "copy image URL," solved most of my problems.

Also, I recently did a test to see which browser gave me faster internet.  Google Chrome won.  In light of this win, I decided to change my "theme" to a wood one so it would look like a wooden desk.

By the way, after my recent discovery of the speediest browser, I now officially endorse Chrome.  Check out my videos page for an awesome Google Chrome video that I am currently hand selecting from the millions on YouTube that adequately explains my love for it.  :)


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