Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm alright. My car is not.

Love my neighbors.  This is the note I received this morning from one of them after he saw my car parked outside last night.  He also had talked with another neighbor and was having him listen to see if he heard movement in my apartment, because they were concerned that maybe they had just brought my car back to the apartment but had taken me to the hospital.  To answer his question, yes, I'm just fine...just a sore neck and back at this point.

My car on the other hand has seen better days...

Thankfully, it was not my fault and I have a great insurance company.  More to come...maybe, but alas I think my rental car may finally be here!


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  2. sarah - that looks scary! so glad you're okay. I can see why your neighbors were wondering.

  3. Scary! I'm glad you are okay!