Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful and Cheap (or Free!)

I would like to thank my friend Jenny for turning me on to these beautiful cards from Shutterfly. I must note, that I do in fact think they really are beautiful and would still think they are beautiful if Shutterfly wasn't giving away 50 free holiday cards to bloggers who blog about them (seriously, we all love Shutterfly, go on and blog about them too!).

Here are my favorite folded cards:

Here's why I love them: The top left is my favorite.  I love the simple elegance.  I love the colors on the second one (top right).  Again, the simplicity of the bottom left, mixing modern (the polka dot border) with traditional (love that script).  Such a good job.  On the last card (bottom right), I love how the picture is the total focus of the card with a simple, but powerful, Merry Christmas.

I also liked this one below.  I think it's great for those who are making the transition from store bought to printed cards.  Or if you're just exceptionally private...or have very few photos...or live by yourself and think putting you and your cat on the front of a card, might be silly.  What's great about this one (and all of them above) is that you can put a photo on the inside.  Love it.

Here are my favorite flat photo cards (these are the cheapest).  I love the colors in these so much.  They're just so pretty.  I also really love the photo strip on the bottom one.  I think it would super cute if you had consecutive shots (like a photo booth) of a couple or family (or cat and yourself).


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