Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome to the World Wide Web

I finally decided today that I would allow my blog to be searched through search engines.  I've held off because I wasn't sure if I really wanted the whole world able to find and read my blog.  Now that I've started to write more geeky posts, I've decided it's just selfish of me to hoard my knowledge about technology for only my friends to access.

In light of this, I'll be slowly but surely transforming my blog...into what?  I'm not totally sure, yet.  I'll let you know when my ideas are done baking and ready to come out to the world.  As for today, I cleaned up my design a if you're reading this in Google Reader, hop on over and see how you like it...or just see if you can notice any of the differences.  You may not be able to pick them out.  Here's one to get you going: a super awesome Blog Shelf.  It's where you'll find sites that I love visiting and spending a Saturday afternoon browsing.

In other news, as I was looking back at my old blog posts today to make sure that I didn't post anything crazy that should not be out in the world wide web, I realized I haven't updated much about life since this summer.  So here's my short bit.  Since I wrote this post, life hasn't let up, if anything it got even more crazy.  The best analogy is that it's been like I'm sprinting a marathon. Thankfully, per doctors orders I should be taking some time off very soon and hitting the reset button.


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