Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holding Pattern

There are lots of upcoming blog posts that are half written.  Well, one is 90% written, but I hit the pause button on him for a few weeks while I move.  I'll give you a preview though.  It's going to be a series of blog posts outlining my ultimate electronic makeover and maybe some tips on what you guys can do as well to make your electronic lives easier.  But for now, we're in a holding pattern.

For the next two weeks I'll be designing, moving into, and decorating my new apartment.  I finally, bit the bullet and moved.  I discovered from a firm shake from my brother that I'm really not living in the safest part of town, but more importantly I don't work in the safest part of town either.  Therefore, I've never really be able to "get away" from work (e.g. I'm always reminded of work, continually as hyper-vigilant as I am at work at home).  So, I'm moving to safer area of town just across the state line.

Here's my four phase plan for my move:

  • Phase 1: Preparing for the paint (this includes deciding on most decorating decisions, deciding on paint colors, then literally prepping for painting)
  • Phase 2: Painting
  • Phase 3: Getting Rid Of/Packing/Moving/Unpacking
  • Phase 4: Cleaning my old apartment
Also, get excited I'm getting ready for my very first blog giveaway.  It's going to be awesome!


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